An eminent manufacturer of Aluminum Foil Roll, Round Aluminum Foil, Printed Wrapping Foil, etc.

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An eminent manufacturer of Aluminum Foil Roll, Round Aluminum Foil, Printed Wrapping Foil, etc.
About Our Company 

Almost every newly formed firm aspires to expand its operations, but in order to do so, its services must be original and stand out from the competition. Despite the fact that our firm, Tea Chest India, was founded in the year 1995, our unwavering efforts have helped us to significantly expand our business. As a manufacturer and supplier, we have been able to achieve this with our unique line of products including Square Aluminum Foil, Round Aluminum Foil, Pure Aluminum and a variety of other items available in our extensive collection. Furthermore, as a customer-centric firm, we emphasize on providing our consumers with the finest available solutions. Our company has a huge supply channel which allows our presence all in different markets. For the ease of customers, we have set an affordable rate plan. Owing to our bulk production capacity, large orders are completed by us in no time. 


Our offerings find their usage in verticals like:

  • Packaging
  • FMCG
  • Hotels
  • Railways
  • Aviation
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food & Beverages 

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is a critical factor that a manufacturing firm must achieve in order for its products/services to be more popular in the marketplace. Similarly, our company has put forth every effort to ensure customer satisfaction. As a result, we take time to understand our customers' needs and present them with the best possible solutions. In fact, we have consistently gratified them by offering them with high-quality items such as Round Aluminum Foil, Pure Aluminum Foil, and many others. Apart from providing a high-quality product line, we also ensure that our methods of doing business with consumers are ethical in order to please them in every way possible.


The first and most important phase that a firm must go through before entering market is planning. Similarly, we conducted comprehensive research in our company and came up with a number of factors that are included in our planning, including the following:

  • To ensure that clients receive the finest quality products possible
  • Before being provided to clients, each unique product must be tested as per the highest quality criteria
  • When dealing with our valued customers, we will follow the most ethical business standards
  • Ensure that all orders are completed quickly, safely and within the agreed-upon time frame
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